Field Trial Labradors

Below an overview of our working dogs

Emmanygan Prancer of Rebel Blend

Django is a grandson of IGL Winner FTCh Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth and a full son of IGL Winner FTCh Turpingreen Bohol x Emmanygan Winter. He is from December 2023 and we look forward to seeing how he develops.

Sex:DogColor:BBEe = Black (carries yellow)
Date of birth:14 December 2023Breeder:Wayne Skett
Eyes (Ecvo):T.b.c.prcd-PRA:Clear

Waterfriend Mocca of Rebel Blend

Mocca is a black daughter of FTCh Burrendale Fergie of Caytonfell x Buccleuch Elegance of Leacaz. Granddaughter of Todd and by IGL Winner Buccleuch Xena. She is from July 2023 and we look forward to seeing how she develops.

Sex:BitchColor:BBEe = Black (carries yellow)
Date of birth:19 Juli 2023Breeder:Stefano Martinoli
Hips score:T.b.c.Elbow score:T.b.c.
Eyes (ECVO):T.b.c.PRCD-PRA:Clear

Peaky Wild Finders Polly Gray of Rebel Blend (Polly)

Polly is a daughter of FTCh Tamrose Aragon and Rebel Blend Sparkle Dun (littersister of INT FTCh Rebel Blend Daddy Longlegs) and a granddaughter of FTCh Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood and FTCh Waterford Ganton. She was bred by Marleen & Jan Sluijs and is named after the character Polly Gray from ‘The Peaky Blinders’ series.

Polly is a beautiful black bitch who is very fast and not inferior to, for example, her uncle INT FTCh Rebel Blend daddy Longlegs (Morris). She has the good proportions, a relaxed, satisfied appearance and stands high on her legs. Polly marks well and she has a nose that is inimitably good. She is fully in training and works great in training and on the huntingdays. She is relaxed during a walk-up and shows excellent peg behavior.

Polly has passed all the required health screenings conform the Kennelclub breeding standards (eyes, hips and elbows). DNA tests have also proven she is completely free of possible hereditary conditions present in the breeding.

Date of birth:19 May 2020Breeder:Marleen & Jan Sluijs
Hips score:A (Norberg 32.5)Elbow score:0
Eyes (ECVO):Unaffected (examination 01 Nov 2023)PRCD-PRA:Clear

Colour code:BBEe = Black (carries yellow)

INT FTCh Rebel Blend Daddy Longlegs (Morris)

Morris is out of INT FTCh Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood (winner IGL Championship 2016) from David Latham and our own Lesser Burdock Drakeslady of Rebel Blend (Jamie). He is a joy to train and has turned out to be a good blend of both parents. His character is a combination of a natural calmness with a stylish and intense work ethic. The control needed is always there without him losing his initiative to work. Alongside his handsome and athletic looks, Morris’ best natural abilities are his drive, style and amazing nose. Just like his parents he is intelligent, easy to train and wants to please all the time.

Sex:DogColor:BBEe = Black (carries yellow)
Date of birth:05 August 2017Breeder:Roy Ehbel
Hips score:A (Norberg 40)Elbow score:0
Eyes (ECVO):Unaffected (examination 12 Oct 2021)PRCD-PRA:Clear

Lesser Burdock Drakeslady of Rebel Blend (Jamie)

At the ICC (European Championship for Retrievers) in Italy we saw this beautiful black bitch win the prestigious competition, seemingly without too much trouble. Jamie is out of this International Work Champion and INT FTCh Carolhill Quistador, a yellow dog.

Jamie is a beautiful, well-proportioned and powerful looking bitch. She is very fast and always presents her retrieve proudly. She also is a sensible worker with a good nose. She carries different size game with great ease. A calm dog that switches off easily and has a lovely temperament. She is very intelligent, easy to train and always wants to please. We have no breeding plans at the moment.

Date of birth:21 May 2014Breeder:Petra Buijs-Loidl
Hips score:A (Norberg 35)Elbow score:0
Eyes (ECVO):Unaffected (2-12- 2016)PRCD-PRA:Clear
SD2/MFD-LR:ClearColour code:BBEe = Black (carries yellow)