Breeding & Puppies

Our breeding program is based upon Labrador Retrievers seen primarily as Working Gundogs.

Our aim is to breed retrievers with natural abilities, essential for a good and valued hunting dog. These abilities are for example obedience, trainable, game finding skills and willingness.

We exclusively breed out of dogs who have been proven in the field, at (inter) national competitions and at shooting days. They have had the minimum required health checks for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye conditions and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Significant importance is to breed from dogs who haven’t shown any signs of hereditary eliminating faults. The rules and guidelines we adhere to are from the FCI and the National Rules for breeding and welfare of Labrador Retrievers.

Breeding plans (May 2024)

FTCh Gunnerspeg Apollo  X Peaky Wild Finders Polly Gray

Polly was mated to FTCh Gunnerspeg Apollo in England at the end of March. We expect black and yellow puppies.

Our strong preference is to place our puppies with people who will work with their dog. If you are interested, please get in touch using the contact form on the website.

GB FTCh Gunnerspeg Apollo (11-05-2019)

Apollo is bred by Simon Capstick out of FTCH Drakeshead Casey to FTCh Brocklebank Navigator of Chatsworth. He has a fantastic pedigree going back to over 30 championship winners, he is directly related to the first ever championship winner Dungavel Pheobe who was owned by the Duchess of Hamilton.

Simon says about Apollo: ‘Apollo has been an absolute delight to train, he is really willing and biddable, he is very eager to please whilst still having plenty of drive and style’.​

He won his 2nd novice trial at only 18 months old. In his first season in opens, he won the first 2 day open trial that he ran in, whilst being placed in 4 of the 6 open trials he has competed in. Winning the last 2 day open trial of the 2021/22 season, making him into a Field Trial Champion and Qualifying him for the 2022 International Gundog League Championships.

He has been selected in 2023 to Run for the England Gundog Team in 2023. Simon & Apollo were proud to be part of the  Winning Team of The Skinners World Cup 2023 at Englefield for England.

Apollo was awarded ‘Top Dog’ at the Scottish Interclub Working test on the 28th May 2023. Qualified IGL Championships 2023 by winning the Coventry & District 2 day Open Stake 13/14th September 2023. Apollo was awarded a Diploma of Merit at the 2023 International Gundog League Championships held on the Drumlanrig Estate on Scotland.

Apollo’s hips have been scored by the BVA as 2/2 his Elbows 0/0. He had clear eye tests in both 2020/2021 His most recent eye test on the 15/2/23 was clear. Apollo has been DNA tested by The Wisdom Panel and he is clear of 205 Health Conditions. Such as GPRA EIC SD2 HNPK CNM and many more. He is a carrier of Stargardt.

Litter policy

Our litters are whelped and raised in our home. They grow up indoors in a whelping box and kennel specially designed for the safety and well-being of puppies. Everything is kept clean and disinfected. The puppies have fenced outdoor runs, where they can play and relax. They have lots of contact with humans, other dogs and are surrounded by all kinds of waterfowl.

Each puppy is sold with its Dutch Kennel Club registration, DNA certificate, pedigree (three generations), microchip, first vaccination and pet passport.

We want our dogs to be excellent in the field and pleasant in and around the house. Therefore they are not only the perfect hunting companion, but also great family pets, but one should keep in mind that these are working dogs, intelligent and strong.

For more information about available pups, or started dogs, please contact us.

Coat color

From the labrador retriever breed standard.

“The Labrador Retriever’s colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or combination of colors is a disqualification. A small white spot on the chest is allowed, but not desirable.” We only breed with black, yellow and/or black and yellow-bearing retrievers.


BB = Black Labrador, no chocolate genes
Bb = Black Labrador, carries chocolate genes

Yellow is produced by the presence of a recessive epistatic gene that masks the black or chocolate genes.

EE = No yellow genes
Ee = Yellow carrier but appears either black or chocolate
ee = yellow labrador


EEBB = Basic black
EeBB = Black wearing yellow
eeBB = Yellow (carrying no chocolate)