Occasionally we organise tailor made training sessions for individuals or groups. The training is specifically based on Field Trial and Working Test methods where we will use dummies. We like to share our knowledge and skills to new, serious and to more advanced handlers alike.

We suit different levels of training: new comers, novice and open training.

The basis of a successful cooperation between the handler and the dog is a combination of a well-bred dog and a healthy dose of ambition and skill from the handler. Working with dogs will teach you that you have no guarantee of a top dog, not even with an off-spring out of 2 Field Trail Champions. The knowledge and the talent of the handler is of greater influence on the successful working combination between dog and human.

The starting point is a practical, no-nonsense training that doesn’t focus solely on the dog; the handler also receives training. All basics of the training is laid in a strong foundation of steadiness and heelwork. Only after successfully achieving the basics can we move on to the next phase where delivery, marking, directional training, hunting, memory and blind retrieves are practised.