Roy Ehbel

I have actively participated in the gundog sport since 2010. My passion for the working Labrador originates from the Dutch hunting scene where the Labrador can be used as an all-round worker.

The companionship between the handler and the working Labrador is an enrichment on so many levels. Their abilities combined with their biddable characters provides enormous inspiration to achieve the highest possible levels!

My methods are based on the British way of training trailing and working dogs. My focus is to have a well behaved and hard-working dog on a shooting day as well as a dog that competes in Field Trials. Outside shooting-season we participate in Working Tests.

‘Working Tests are designed to further good, sound, Gundog work and encourage dogs’ natural working ability, but do not involve shooting live game. Work is done with dummies, and these competitions are a natural extension of the training. Retrievers are tested on their game finding ability and the speed and directness of the retrieve. Judges will be looking for quick pick-ups and fast returns, natural nose and marking ability, quietness in handling, control, drive and style’. (Kennelclub website)

My first retriever Go Back Fyne is a Dutch, Belgium and International Field Trial Champion (INT FTCH). A dog in a million who made a dream start come true. My second Labrador Abbotsross Trefynwy and my homebred dog Rebel Blend Daddy Longlegs also achieved the International Field Trial Champion titel. I participated as part of the winning Dutch teams with different dogs in different international events, like: IWT Hungary in 2011, ITE Chatsworth (UK) in 2014, IWT Belgium in 2016 and the Skinners World cup 2016 (UK).

At the ITE in Chatsworth in 2011 I was extremely honoured to receive Top Dog Award. I am a qualified Working Test judge (Orweja) and operate at Field Trials, home and abroad. This way I stay informed about the winning Field Trial lines and I can take a lead role in selecting the best dogs to breed from in the whole of Europe.