Field Trial Labradors

Below is an overview of deceased hunting dogs. Gone but not forgotten.

INT FTCH Go Back Fyne of Rebel Blend (Meg)

Meg was our very first field trial Labrador born out of the first litter bred at the “Go Back Gundogs” Kennels. Her character was soft and thoughtful, and she worked clever and sophisticated. She was an exceptional game finder thanks to her accomplished scenting ability. Very steady but very keen and always ready to be sent.

Meg needed minimal instructions; she knew what was expected of her and got on with the job. She was a sensible and fast worker and would return with the retrieve. Meg had shown superb work at competitions and had won numerous prestigious qualifications which made her, in a short space of time, a multiple FTCH (Field Trial Champion).

She reached almost 15 years and fully enjoyed a pampered dog life.

Date of birth:09 May 2008Breeder:Korstiaan & Rieneke Kleijwegt