Field Trial Labradors

Below is an overview of deceased hunting dogs. Gone but not forgotten.

INT FTCh Abbotsross Trefynwy of Rebel Blend (Joe)

When the sad news reached us (not entirely unexpectedly) that Joe had gone to sleep, the world stood still for a moment… What a special hunting dog! For more than 10 years he was with us and we made the best memories. The last three years Joe enjoyed himself to the full with Marleen & Hans Bergamin and their family on Texel. The salty air did his airways good and he had a perfect ‘old age’.
Joe was one of those ‘one of a kind’ dogs that many people talked about. A strong and athletically built male with a handsome appearance. His character was energetic, hard temperamental and only controllable at a slightly later age. His natural qualities combined with his constant ‘will to please’ made him a pleasure to work with.

Joe was a real powerdog and always wanted to work with dedication and passion, even if he was corrected once. He worked with style and was not easily impressed. Early on it became clear that Joe was different from many others, with a wonderful start at the OWT in Almkerk with 100/100 points (S). Unforgettable moments experienced with team wins at the IWT in Belgium and the Skinners Worldcup (UK) in 2016, among others. But also the wonderful field trials in Fontaines-en-Sologne (Fr) and Saint Fontaine (B). Running straight lines, perfect marking and hunting were your hobbies in your working life. Where others went around the brambles, you went right through them….

Thank you Wim & Mary Reijnders for this memorable hound. But above all Marleen & Hans thank you for your love and dedication to Joe.

Date of birth:20 October 2010Breeder:Wim Reijnders
Date of death:22 February 2024

INT/NL/B FTCh Go Back Fyne of Rebel Blend (Meg)

Meg was our very first field trial Labrador born out of the first litter bred at the “Go Back Gundogs” Kennels. Her character was soft and thoughtful, and she worked clever and sophisticated. She was an exceptional game finder thanks to her accomplished scenting ability. Very steady but very keen and always ready to be sent.

Meg needed minimal instructions; she knew what was expected of her and got on with the job. She was a sensible and fast worker and would return with the retrieve. Meg had shown superb work at competitions and had won numerous prestigious qualifications which made her, in a short space of time, a multiple FTCH (Field Trial Champion).

She reached almost 15 years and fully enjoyed a pampered dog life.

Date of birth:09 May 2008Breeder:Korstiaan & Rieneke Kleijwegt
Date of death:13 March 2023